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2018/06/15 17:35:39

And then our boss went totally crazy about this performance... http://geni.us/SilentBirdsYT 

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2018/06/15 16:36:16

THE PARIAH - Silent Birds (Official Video)

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2018/06/14 21:17:50
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2018/06/14 17:14:51

What a great inspiration! <3 https://youtu.be/vxLZdzg39Wo 

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2018/06/13 15:36:39

We all have that friend, right?

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2018/06/12 00:44:20

Ich hab Dir gesagt, dass Du den Rucksack nicht komplett mit Bierdosen vollpacken sollst!!! https://twitter.com/uncle_m_music/status/1006185383036620800 …

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2018/06/11 16:48:16

OF COLOURS werden in der aktuellen Ausgabe der RTL-Show „Die Fakten-Checker" gefeatured! Die Sendung kann in der Mediathek des Senders angesehen werden: http://bit.ly/Faktenchecker  Bei dem Beitrag über... https://www.facebook.com/redfieldrecords/posts/10156327333266425 …

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2018/06/11 15:49:34

Need recommendations: What is your favorite podcast?

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2018/06/09 18:26:50

TURN UP THE SOUND! Official FortaRock after-movie featuring For I Am King's new single 'Prey'! 🤘 https://business.facebook.com/redfieldrecords/posts/10156322402781425 …

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2018/06/08 22:04:55

Melodic hardcore outfit Whiteriver has brand new smasher out on Redfield Digital, album out in July! Turn up the full track - it's Friday: Spotify http://geni.us/WhiteriverSpotify … YouTube http://bit.ly/OnParYouTube  https://www.facebook.com/redfieldrecords/posts/10156320346471425 …

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2018/06/08 17:25:39

The Mighty Licker is in the house and he has to tell you something: WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

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2018/06/06 21:48:47

Haven´t seen that coming! 😜 Happy ! Can you PLEASE recommend us FRESH and TASTY artists and songs we can listen, too? 😎 https://open.spotify.com/track/7oFG2HCyhKBif3DOHmpAfo?si=FI9EYlI0Tnqq0dJdd6Yuog …

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2018/06/06 04:01:37

Need to leave the office!!!