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Dance Gavin Dance
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The Plot in You
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Dead Girls Academy
2018/06/18 01:56:51
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Taylor Swift
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Taking Back Sunday
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Betraying the Martyrs
2018/06/18 01:56:36
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A Day To Remember
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Sleeping with Sirens
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Tyler "Telle" Smith
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The Word Alive
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Eskimo Callboy
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Matty Mullins
2018/06/18 01:54:48
Awaken I Am
2018/06/18 01:54:30
Craig Owens
2018/06/18 01:54:23
Finally Free
Your Highway Home
2018/06/18 01:47:59
The Fight
Your Highway Home
2018/06/18 01:45:38
The City of Lost Hope
Your Highway Home
2018/06/18 01:42:47
Coming Home (City and Colour Cover)
Your Highway Home
2018/06/18 01:38:04
City and Colour
2018/06/18 01:35:31
Dynamite (Taio Cruz Cover)
Your Highway Home
2018/06/18 01:29:26
Taio Cruz
2018/06/18 01:28:59
The Rescue
Your Highway Home
2018/06/18 01:20:24
Your Highway Home
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The Devil Wears Prada
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Bury Tomorrow
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Nothing Left
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Dream On, Dreamer
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Black Flame
Bury Tomorrow
Dead Girls Academy
Artificial Selection
Dance Gavin Dance
It Comes and Goes
Dream On, Dreamer
Violent Noise
The Word Alive
Secret Maiko Lips
Finally Free
Your Highway Home
The Plot in You
World Domination
Rearm Circuits
Icarus the Owl
Christmas on the Road
Sleeping with Sirens
Blind Love
Awaken I Am
De Rerum Natura
Sleeping with Sirens
131 Reimagined
The Scene
Eskimo Callboy
Daydreaming / Choose Me
Calling All the Hopeless
Greeley Estates
Memphis May Fire
Hands Like Houses
After Laughter
Destroy and Rebuild
Nothing Left
House vs. Hurricane
The Resilient
Betraying the Martyrs
A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Cover)
Icarus the Owl
Just Bring It
This Light I Hold
Memphis May Fire
Dance Gavin Dance
Transit Blues
The Devil Wears Prada
Tidal Wave
Taking Back Sunday
Bad Vibrations
A Day To Remember
To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere
Dark Matter
The Word Alive
Brand New Maid
Vampires Everywhere!
Outline in Color
Only Human
The Organ Beats
Sakunta / Sarpa
Hands Like Houses

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Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/18 01:00:36

Show 4: Syracuse, NY at Lakeview Amphitheater 🎟️ : http://paramore.net/tour 

Tweet by Hopeless Records
2018/06/18 00:56:00

Story Untold ft. Janick and Janick Sr. ✌️ (Just kidding, hey buddy.) https://twitter.com/StoryUntoldCA/status/1008045552737685504 …

Tweet by A Day To Remember
2018/06/17 23:06:02

Last's night Sioux City show was a blast - thank you to Beartooth and Silverstein for joining us! Reply with your photos from the show. 👇

Tweet by Betraying the Martyrs
2018/06/17 21:57:32

We fucking did it! ❤️ 🇫🇷 Merci à toutes et à tous pour la journée d'hier qui restera gravée dans nos mémoires pour le reste de notre vie ! Si vous souhaitez nous revoir... Rendez-vous demain matin sur Facebook pour une très grosse nouvelle !

Tweet by UNFD
2018/06/17 20:55:02

Don't forget to tune into tomorrow night for 's Live At The Wireless broadcast! 8pm Sydney 11am London 6am NYC 3am LA

Tweet by Hopeless Records
2018/06/17 20:00:01

Despite what these charts show, our hype is through the roof. ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ Catch our boys in heading out with As It Is this fall! https://twitter.com/ASITISofficial/status/1007666530350444546 …

Tweet by Eskimo Callboy
2018/06/17 18:50:43

@withfullforce_festival ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 📸 by https://ift.tt/2HVACpc 

Tweet by Awaken I Am
2018/06/17 18:50:00

Even in the darkest times of grief we all have each other 🌹 ❤️ 📸 : Allan Klimo

Tweet by Beartooth
2018/06/17 14:42:20

Such a fun show tonight in Sioux City! Thanks to for having us and our best buds for being our best buds!

Tweet by UNFD
2018/06/17 13:08:00

. half orange/half black vinyl available to pre-order on ! https://www.jbhifi.com.au/649127 

Tweet by Victory Records
2018/06/17 13:06:52

Name your favorite song from so far. GO! 1. Medicine 2. Forever 3. No Way Out 4. I Can’t Feel A Thing 5. Everything 6. Too Late 7. I’ll Find A Way 8. Conversations 9. Devil On My Shoulder 10. Cannibal 11. Far Away https://open.spotify.com/album/70qz00NJ5fM9zt5RfP3itn?si=tIW2wlCGQwiFRmYbh6pG0g …

Tweet by Rise Records
2018/06/17 11:44:54

Winner has been announced! Thank you all for entering & enjoy 🤘🏼 https://twitter.com/riserecords/status/1005564925333213185 …

Tweet by Rise Records
2018/06/17 11:44:06

Winners have been announced! Thank you all for entering 🤘🏼 https://twitter.com/riserecords/status/1005146713667989505 …

Tweet by Sumerian Records
2018/06/17 11:08:17

Going back in time 1 year ago today with ’s “Homey!” 🌴 When / where was the first time you heard this album?

Tweet by Taking Back Sunday
2018/06/17 10:23:31

Thanks ! Thanks for the photo Josh!

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/17 09:13:31

tomorrow in Syracuse. , photo by

YouTube by Taylor Swift
2018/06/17 09:12:25

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)

Tweet by Thrice
2018/06/17 09:00:13

Be sure to tune in to 's tomorrow morning to hear "The Grey" played on the radio!

Tweet by Tyler "Telle" Smith
2018/06/17 08:27:20

I don’t even check to see if my septum ring is straight any more

Tweet by Tyler "Telle" Smith
2018/06/17 07:11:34

I’m so new into this world but hopefully I’ll be above “are you a bot?” level soon haha Watching it live is tight

Tweet by Tyler "Telle" Smith
2018/06/17 07:10:15

Watching the NA LCS at thanks for having me friends. Hoping to learn by osmosis because I would have died a billion times by now. vs is about to start, I’ve gotta go with TSM for this one 🤘🏼 congrats game 1

Tweet by Sumerian Records
2018/06/17 06:56:46

. // NEON the new album - August 10 pre-orders at http://erraneon.com 

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/17 05:03:59

week 1 of . Simpsonville was a big night full of features. on Miz Biz... and a little surprise guest vocalist/backup dancer, Brynen, on Aint It Fun. . . photos by

Tweet by The Word Alive
2018/06/17 04:45:02

Are you subscribed to our youtube channel yet? Thank you to everybody spending their weekend listening to our songs, watching our music videos and head banging away! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWordAliveBand …

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/17 04:25:30

Soccer Mommy. make sure to get to the shows early enough to catch ‘em. Such a rad band. https://twitter.com/xx_ashleeee/status/1008035168865734656 …

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/17 04:22:22

week 1 of tour 5. think night #2 gave us the best guest vox on Misery Business we’ve ever had. came to break hearts 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 https://twitter.com/dorianlackey/status/1007666728967516173 …

Tweet by Taking Back Sunday
2018/06/17 04:20:48

Buffalo! We have merch!

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/17 03:07:46

funky funk man joey , photo by

Tweet by Sleeping with Sirens
2018/06/17 02:36:28

Have a super Saturday 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 📸 :

Tweet by Solid State Records
2018/06/17 02:30:05

Shout out to for featuring 's "Northern Fires" on these rad playlists! New Metal Tracks: http://spoti.fi/2JYr5CL  Metalcore: http://spoti.fi/2leb1il  Solid State Essentials: http://spoti.fi/2LVspn8 

Tweet by Taking Back Sunday
2018/06/17 01:09:37

Sure the folks can point you to set times for if they are posted for today! Come early it's a great schedule all day! https://twitter.com/thatswhatPCsaid/status/1007784937968291841 …

Tweet by Dead Girls Academy
2018/06/17 00:47:18

ALCHEMY IS HERE!! Are you loving it? How are you listening to it? If you haven’t streamed or purchased it yet... Today is that day! http://smarturl.it/DGAalchemy 

Tweet by A Day To Remember
2018/06/17 00:29:09

Tonight’s the night! Going to be a killer show in Sioux City with and . Tickets still available at http://bit.ly/ADTRsiouxcity  📸 :

Tweet by Outline in Color
2018/06/16 23:33:57

The homie @chad_the_climber got a sick Struggle tattoo!

Tweet by Victory Records
2018/06/16 22:58:16

💿 📲 🔴 🎧 How are you listening to - this weekend?! Grab it on LP, CD, and digitally wherever you enjoy music! http://smarturl.it/DGAalchemy 

Tweet by The Plot in You
2018/06/16 21:54:02

We’re headlining tonight in Hartford, CT & tomorrow in Easton, PA then it’s a wrap for the summer! Come hang out if you’re in these areas. Last minute tix: http://theplotinyou.com 

Tweet by Betraying the Martyrs
2018/06/16 20:02:23

See you today!

Tweet by Thrice
2018/06/16 17:00:06

If you’re at today, we go on at 5:50pm on the Warbird Stage! See you there.

Tweet by Tyler "Telle" Smith
2018/06/16 16:10:38

So many people are pissed off by something new every day yet doing nothing about it You don’t ACTUALLY care about half the shit you complain about online Just like me complaining about you complaining, until it effects my life chances are I’m not really mad #2018

Tweet by UNFD
2018/06/16 16:06:02

We're so excited for this show tonight! Hands up if you're seeing 's sold out show in Melbourne 🙋🏻‍♂️

Tweet by Tyler "Telle" Smith
2018/06/16 11:42:19

I was just doing pull-ups in the nude as I often do before I shower and I forgot I don’t have my curtains up yet in my bedroom. Hello new neighbors, no I do not do squats and you’re welcome 🍑

Tweet by Hopeless Records
2018/06/16 11:08:26

Just kidding, it's summer tour season, we still have a million things to work on.

Tweet by Awaken I Am
2018/06/16 11:03:32

For those who can't make it out to the show tonight we will be broadcasting a livestream from our Facebook page - https://facebook.com/awakeniam 

Tweet by Hopeless Records
2018/06/16 11:03:08

It's Friday and we're going home.

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/16 10:09:24

more photos by from night 2 of .

Tweet by StandBy Records
2018/06/16 10:02:12

Chin Up, Kid - Wasted Official Music Video: http://youtu.be/kbf_SE2bCeQ?a  via

YouTube by StandBy Records
2018/06/16 10:02:06

Chin Up, Kid - Wasted Official Music Video

Tweet by StandBy Records
2018/06/16 09:29:45

Thank you Spotify for including Chin Up, Kid in two playlists for their new single "Wasted". The new LP drops 6/22. Check out the new single below! https://open.spotify.com/track/1m0q75LVQld0Er5ibQRo91?si=9Ejd5kzOQCi-QqL_xYisKQ … https://open.spotify.com/track/1m0q75LVQld0Er5ibQRo91?si=9Ejd5kzOQCi-QqL_xYisKQ …

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/16 07:39:02

too many good photos coming in from too many great live photogs. we appreciate it. thanks for capturing ❤️ 💙 💛 💚 💕 https://www.kaylasurico.com/blog/2018/6/13/paramore-foster-the-people-soccer-mommy-tour-5-show-1-st-augustine-fl …

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/16 07:36:30
Tweet by Dance Gavin Dance
2018/06/16 07:34:38

Get a look into the inspiration for with our interview with ! Watch here: http://bit.ly/DGDBTStreams 

YouTube by Solid State Records
2018/06/16 06:52:53

Silent Planet - Northern Fires (Guernica)

Tweet by Tyler "Telle" Smith
2018/06/16 06:41:26

Got to hang with my mom for a couple of days and I love her but look at her dog and look at mine 😂 They are literally pinky and the brain

Tweet by Victory Records
2018/06/16 06:23:29

Visit your nearest location to get a copy of - on sale for $9.99! http://smarturl.it/DGAalchemy/FYE 

Tweet by Issues
2018/06/16 06:19:05

Doing Workshops all summer long on ! Register for your date now at http://thinktei.com/issues 

Tweet by Solid State Records
2018/06/16 06:16:55

Follow the band on to stay updated on future releases: http://bit.ly/slntplnt 

Tweet by Beartooth
2018/06/16 06:00:02

TOMORROW: Come hang at the for our special one night only gig with and ! Should we bet on Black or Red? 🎫 : http://BeartoothTickets.com 

Tweet by The Plot in You
2018/06/16 05:57:52

Thank you @SMXOctane for adding “The One You Loved” into rotation! Make sure you tune in to hear it!

Tweet by The Plot in You
2018/06/16 05:45:32
YouTube by Tragic Hero Records
2018/06/16 05:11:04

WHITNEY PEYTON - Summer feat. Craig Mabbitt & Mega Ran (Official Stream)

Tweet by Bury Tomorrow
2018/06/16 04:37:52

Who got their tickets today? 🇬🇧

YouTube by Fearless Records
2018/06/16 04:16:45

Plain White T's - Your Body (Official Music Video)

Tweet by UNFD
2018/06/16 03:17:01
Tweet by Victory Records
2018/06/16 03:05:57

. - is on ! Discover new music on these playlists! »Rock Hard: http://spoti.fi/2yh4j4s  »The Scene: http://spoti.fi/2KDVW4l  »New Metal Tracks: http://spoti.fi/2IYj4to  »Metalcore: http://spoti.fi/2H27Rvt  »New Blood: http://spoti.fi/2t04sUV 

Tweet by The Plot in You
2018/06/16 02:56:14

Today is the last day to grab 25% off select items in our store, don’t sleep on it! // http://theplotinyou.merchnow.com 

Tweet by Rise Records
2018/06/16 02:53:25

Watch out Europe/UK! are coming for you on the 2018. 🤘

Tweet by Equal Vision Records
2018/06/16 02:31:34

Our friends in are hitting the road this summer with and ! These shows are guaranteed to go off 🤘

Tweet by InVogue Records
2018/06/16 02:25:36

We just launched a new single & preorders for the new album out August 3rd! Check it out NOW! https://youtu.be/MiBeCUn5aVA 

YouTube by InVogue Records
2018/06/16 02:24:00

Makari - Transient (Official Music Video)

Tweet by Fearless Records
2018/06/16 02:14:29

😱 just announced ’ new album ‘Parallel Universe’ that will be coming out August 24th! Check out their new song + music video for “Your Body” now 🚀 you can even pre-order the record today! https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8461204/plain-white-ts-parallel-universe-album-your-body-video …

Tweet by Dance Gavin Dance
2018/06/16 02:13:03

Joliet, you ready for tonight?! 📸 :

Tweet by Thrice
2018/06/16 02:00:34

Tickets are on sale NOW for our Denver show, second San Diego show, and all other dates on our fall tour with and . Go get your tickets at http://thrice.net/shows . 📸 :

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/16 02:00:02

Show 3: Raleigh, NC at Red Hat Amphitheater 🎟️ : http://paramore.net/tour 

Tweet by Issues
2018/06/16 01:51:14

This limited edition tank is only available this weekend! Pick it up before it's gone at http://issues.merchnow.com .

Tweet by Rise Records
2018/06/16 01:09:45

Listen to ’s new jam, “See You Soon” now. http://RiseRecords.lnk.to/CGEN 

Tweet by Fueled by Ramen
2018/06/16 01:03:36

Today is heating up because ’ EP ‘a modern tragedy vol.1’ is here and it. is. 🔥 🔥 https://grandson.lnk.to/AMTvol1 

Tweet by Paramore
2018/06/16 00:58:20

love that . she always takes good photos. show #2 of - Simpsonville, SC. was a wild time.

YouTube by Victory Records
2018/06/16 00:42:36

Dead Girls Academy - I Can't Feel A Thing (Audio)

YouTube by Victory Records
2018/06/16 00:42:36

Dead Girls Academy - Devil On My Shoulder (Audio)